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Open at last! Pachi Pachi FACTORY

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Coming soon
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Hello, is KumaMiki
and I would like to inform a little today
and I think I know another person who is willing to follow Toka Twitter but
Web shop of brand PACHI PACHI FACTORY my is now open!
I also presume, I had allowed to open in the form of BASE official shop, but
please check therefore certainly have come to be seen even from the smartphone from the PC
and thought I shall I put the guy who designed their own properly because Announcement awaited today I but were
I’m going in do not now you have been washing
Tsukeeri of this condensed milk strawberries will also be on sale from now
you are asked to wear products and ask them out on the model’s various Web shop Nde
I think are fun and pretty even just looking photo
unexpectedly Have not men? And I heard Toka but
I never want men if full of such voice after all now to
because I think I want to do various small items after boys and girls can be used, even those things Toka iPhone Case
and’m want to hear opinion of everyone as much as possible
is the kind of The Toka want, so please let me know in the comments if there Toka such opinion
if there Toka Product Inquiry after, since it is to be able to contact us via the contact page of the web shop rather’m me
thank you from there
in the Web shop Please check from there therefore certainly should put at the summary column of the video link
is also Toka knee girly like this
and I’m a video blog fairly simple with something like today I’m sorry, but
it was announce today
‘s, Bye Bye!
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